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There are two calculator options:

Monthly Loan Calculator - Calculate your monthly payment, with applicable interest charges, insurance, property taxes, and dues. Plus view an amortization schedule.

Savings Deposit Calculator - Find out how fast your savings will grow depending on an interest rate, initial deposit, and additional payments.

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Monthly Loan Calculator
This calculator will show you how much your loan payment will be and how much interest you will pay based on the input values.
 What is the loan amount?
 What is the annual interest rate (%)?   Fraction Helper
 Extra Amount Each Payment:
 Make payments:
 First Payment Date: mm/dd/yy format please
 How many years to pay off the loan?
 Or, how many months to pay off the loan?
 For Home Mortgages:
(Assumes a conventional fixed rate loan!)
 Annual Property Tax:
 Annual Mortgage Insurance:
 Annual Hazard Insurance:
 Annual Association Dues:
(Townhomes and Condominiums only.)


Monthly Deposit Savings Calculator
This calculator will determine the future value of a monthly investment. Enter the beginning balance, the monthly dollar amount you plan to deposit, the interest rate you expect to earn, and the number of years you expect to continue making monthly deposits, then click the "Compute" button.
Enter the initial investment (optional):
Enter the monthly addition/deposit:
Enter the annual interest rate:
Enter the number of years:
Future value:
Interest earned:


The accuracy of these calculators and their applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed.
You should obtain personal advice from a credit union official.

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